The French elegance


    Arriving onto the scene over fourty years ago with a big bang, the ALAIN DELON® collections of fine products have excited fans and discerning customers with their avant-garde French designs, high-quality construction and chic unforgettable appeal.


    ALAIN DELON® products have been carefully crafted and constructed to match the needs of the modern day’s fast paced lifestyle. The expansive range of luxurious fashion items have been made widely available throughout Southeast Asia, China and Japan.


    The brand is, of course, named after the legendary French movie star Alain Delon. No doubt, the range of ALAIN DELON® products are created to with the stylish and elegant image of the icon in mind. Delon’s deep passion for his craft and desire for fine quality are encapsulated in every creation bearing the name ALAIN DELON®.






















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    One brand, two logos

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    classic and timeless elegance

    A time-honoured symbol of French elegance, the logo HERITAGE ROUGE perpetuates and embodies the everlasting Parisian chic and the authoritative French fashion flair.

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    active and sophisticated lifesyle

    Inspired by the timeless French chic and elegance, the logo CONTEMPORARY BLUE symbolizes the active, urban and yet sophisticated lifestyle.

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    Timepiece, Leather goods, Eyewear, Men's wear, Ladies' wear, Men's shoes, Ladies' shoes, Briefs & Socks, Writing instruments, Luggage, Travel accessories.

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  • news

    All the latest about ALAIN DELON the brand and Alain Delon the actor.

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    ALAIN DELON 45th Anniversaire

    2023 - a new milestone


    In 2023, ALAIN DELON is celebrating its 45th Anniversary.


    ALAIN DELON collections of fine products will continue to delight fashion connoiseurs with their avantgarde French designs and high-quality construction.

    More than ever, to appeal to the contemporary audience, ALAIN DELON is honing the style of its products while staying true to the core inspiration: the French flair, elegance and sophistication.

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    ALAIN DELON seen in Kuala Lumpur

    April 2023 - Downtown Jalan Bukit Bintang

    ALAIN DELON is in downtown Kuala Lumpur, in the heart of the fashion and districtshopping .

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    New Straits Times

    2022 Christmas and holiday season COLLECTION

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    Alain Delon, Honorary Palme d'or at the 72nd Festival de Cannes

    19 may 2019

    He entirely belongs to cinema and its finest works and legends: in 2019, the Festival de Cannes has decided to award Alain Delon with an Honorary Palme d'or to pay tribute to his wonderful presence in the history of film.

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    Alain Delon's Final Message on NHK

    11 November 2018

    Tune in for an exclusive long-form interview with the legendary French movie star Alain Delon. The epitome of a handsome, cool actor, Delon has starred in more than 80 films. Throughout his career, he has not been fond of the media. Nonetheless, a year after announcing his retirement, he agreed to an interview with NHK. Despite whispers that he could be difficult, the 81-year-old Delon proved to be charming and open. He spoke freely about his private past and his relationships with movie directors and cast members, covering more than 60 years on the screen. (NHK WORLD JAPAN)

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    2018 Harian Metro ad-campaign in Malaysia

    29 MAY to 14 JUNE 2018

    Introducing DELON by ALAIN DELON.

    2018 ad-campaign was designed in collaboration with the Paris-based agency Muchimuchi.

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    ALAIN DELON Malaysia

    Chinese New Year Campaign

    20 JANUARY to 23 FEBRUARY 2018

    Sin Chew newspapers, national edition, page 3.

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    PARIS MATCH - Special edition

    1 1 January 2018 (France, switzerland, belgium)

    DELON, the unique. "As I am..." the interview of his lifetime. 60 years of his career. ALAIN intimate by the Delon: Nathalie, Anthony, Anouchka, Alain-Fabien.

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    Alain Delon & Jean-Paul Belmondo

    5 January 2018

    Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper: National morning edition

    Asahi Shimbun Newspaper: National version morning edition
    Mainichi Newspaper: The National Morning Newspaper

    Nikkan Gendai Newspaper: Tokyo / Osaka Version


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    Alain Delon featured at BUNKAMURA, Toyko.

    1 July to 14 July 2017

    Bunkamura was established in 1989 as the first large-scale cultural complex in Japan. Bunkamura attracts 2.8 million visitors annually and is a popular spot in Shibuya where people can enjoy a range of cultural and artistic experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.


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    ALAIN DELON® license partner

    ADID (Alain Delon Information Desk) is Mr. Alain Delon and Ms. Anouchka Delon's personal Asian business office, located in Osaka, Japan.


    The French movie star Alain Delon, with his is everlasting iconic image, his passion for elegance and refinement are embedded in the ALAIN DELON® trademark and will make your business successful and profitable in Asia.


    We have a dedicated business team who can help you maximise your success.

    Our focus is on helping you to build a long-term, valued relationship.

    Contact us to find out more about becoming an ALAIN DELON® license partner.

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